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Surfside survivor recalls harrowing escape from collapsed building
By Enjoli Francis, Victor Oquendo and Haley Yamada
July 9, 2021 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Victor Oquendo, Haley Yamada , ABC News
Biden to ABC’s David Muir on Trump's Harris attacks: 'No president has ever used those words'
By Enjoli Francis
August 22, 2020 Story from Politics Enjoli Francis , ABC News
Midwestern farmers contemplate vote after season of bad weather, COVID-19
By Enjoli Francis, Kelly Landrigan and Haley Yamada
October 29, 2020 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Kelly Landrigan, Haley Yamada , ABC News
Alleged Michigan kidnapping plot included setting Capitol on fire: Prosecutors
By Enjoli Francis, Adrienne Bankert and Haley Yamada
November 14, 2020 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Adrienne Bankert, Haley Yamada , ABC News
Firefighters injured in massive chemical plant fire
By Haley Yamada, Enjoli Francis and Carlin McCarthy
June 16, 2021 Story from US Haley Yamada, Enjoli Francis, Carlin McCarthy , ABC News
4 deaths being probed due to flooding from severe storms in South
By Enjoli Francis, Melissa Griffin, Stephanie Fuerte and Haley Yamada
May 18, 2021 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Melissa Griffin, Stephanie Fuerte, Haley Yamada , ABC News
Organizations help kids bridge digital schooling divide by providing internet, learning tools
By Enjoli Francis
September 22, 2020 Story from Technology Enjoli Francis , ABC News
Friends say they warned Travis Alexander that Jodi Arias was dangerous for months before she killed him
By Gail Deutsch, Denise Martinez-Ramundo, Jonathan Balthaser and Enjoli Francis
February 13, 2020 Story from US Gail Deutsch, Denise Martinez-Ramundo, Jonathan Balthaser, Enjoli Francis , ABC News
Commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz 75 years later: 'Auschwitz is the symbol. We can't let that symbol go away'
By Esther Castillejo, Almin Karamehmedovic and Enjoli Francis
January 27, 2020 Story from International Esther Castillejo, Almin Karamehmedovic, Enjoli Francis , ABC News
US surpasses 100,000 lives lost to COVID-19, David Muir pays tribute
By Eric Noll, Esther Castillejo and Enjoli Francis
May 28, 2020 Story from US Eric Noll, Esther Castillejo, Enjoli Francis , ABC News
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