America Strong: Woman surprises relative after being approved as kidney donor

Bob Scarborough was one of 90,000 Americans waiting for a new kidney.

September 21, 2021, 7:48 PM

This report is a part of "America Strong," an ABC News series highlighting stories of strength and resiliency across the nation.

One woman in New Hampshire is proving what it means to put family first.

Bob Scarborough of Manchester, New Hampshire, was one of 90,000 Americans waiting for a new kidney.

PHOTO: Bob Scarborough of Manchester, New Hampshire, speaking to "World News Tonight."

When her brother said that his father-in-law was in need of a kidney, Carrie Kimball decided to help.

Kimball quietly got tested and found out that she was a perfect match as Scarborough's kidney donor.

"I am going to be Bob's kidney donor because I could not see a reason not to," Carrie Kimball told "World News Tonight" on Tuesday. "It just means the world to be able to prolong his life."

Carrie Kimball pictured with Bob Scarborough.
Courtesy of Alyssa Lalmond

When Kimball heard the good news, she decided to surprise Scarborough with a sign that read: "I'm your donor."

"You don't know how much this means to me," Scarborough said when he saw her sign. "Oh my god… Thank you so much."

Her daughter, Alyssa Lalmond, caught the emotional moment on camera. She said she hopes the video can inspire others to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Carrie Kimball's daughter Alyssa Lalmond.

"I really hope the takeaway from this is if you have the chance to donate or you want to -- you are potentially saving someone's life," said Lalmond.

Scarborough told "World News Tonight" that he is grateful for his family.

"Now I know my life will last longer," he said. "I'll be stronger and it will be a lot better for my life."

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