'American Sniper' Trial: Footage Shows Alleged Killer Leading Cops on Wild Chase

Courtroom gets a look at police dash cam footage of high-speed chase.

The body-camera footage showed more than a dozen police officers pleading with Routh to get out of the truck outside of his home hours after the fatal shootings before he took off with police in pursuit.

"Is the apocalypse upon us right now?" Routh could be heard saying on the body-camera recording that played in court today.

"The f****** anarchy has been killing the world," he added later.

An officer got Routh's mother on a speakerphone and she could be heard pleading with her son to get out of the car, repeating, "Eddie, it's your mom. Eddie, it's your mom."

While one officer was directly speaking to Routh through a small opening in the driver's window, other officers were seen surrounding the vehicle and trying to insert tire spikes to stop the car.

The spikes didn't work, however. Routh fled and police gave chase through local streets and on to a highway, where Routh eventually emerged with his hands up and police subdued him.

Littlefield's relatives were crying as the video was played in court and Taya Kyle, the sniper's widow who was the first to testify on Wednesday, shook her head.

The crime-scene expert revealed that Kyle and Littlefield's guns were fully loaded and their safety latches still in place, suggesting that they had not fired the weapons.

A prosecutor also introduced a receipt for two bean burritos at Taco Bell that was found in Kyle's car, which was allegedly taken by Routh. The time stamp was 6:50 p.m. -- after Kyle and Littlefield were killed -- suggesting Routh bought the burritos.