Anonymous Donor Hides $50K Check in Nonprofit's Nativity Scene

"You need to look under the manger where Jesus is," said the mysterious donor.

— -- The holidays are a season of giving. And in Amarillo, Texas, a staff meeting for a local nonprofit turned joyous when the group received an astonishing surprise donation.

“It was a huge deal to be able to get a donation like that,” said Murphy. “The staff just kind of jaw-dropped and started celebrating.”

Children’s Home is a long-term care facility for adolescents and young adults whose homes have been deemed unsafe.

The organization only gets a quarter of its funding from the state of Texas, and the other 75 percent of funds come from donations. The generous donation ensures that the home will be able to “do what we do … focus on kids instead of worrying about budgets,” Murphy said.

ABC News spoke to the donor, who's attended church with some of the children for 20 years, and says the donation was something that God called upon him to do.

"My whole life has been immensely blessed. I felt a call to reach out and help some children who may not have had as good a home, as good a mom and dad," he said. "I'm tickled pink to be able to do it."