Armed Suspect Shot, Killed After Chase and Standoff in California

The man ran into a restaurant, taking people hostage, authorities said.

— -- An armed suspect was shot and killed Thursday after leading deputies on a high-speed, multi-city chase in California that turned into a hostage standoff, authorities said.

The suspect – whose name has not been released – allegedly carjacked two vehicles through the streets of Los Angeles County. The man was seen weaving in and out of traffic, driving on the wrong side of the road and barreling through intersections, nearly crashing into several oncoming cars.

Deputies deployed a PIT maneuver, or precision immobilization technique, which is a pursuit tactic used to send a car sideways.

The suspect emerged from the vehicle, firing his gun in the air and running into a nearby restaurant, Chris' and Pitt's barbecue restaurant in Downey.

Steve Switzer was standing nearby when the man entered the restaurant.

“He’s running, no more than 10 feet from me, pistol in the air, shooting,” Switzer said. “I thought he shot someone.”

Dozens of employees and patrons flocked out of the restaurant, hands in the air, as officers surrounded the building. A standoff ensued, with the suspect holding at least four hostages in the restaurant, authorities said.

SWAT teams fired flash-bang equipment before making their move and shooting the man. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said. No one else was hurt.