Armored Truck Dash for Cash on Highway Prompts Police Warning to Motorists

Motorists along a busy highway helped themselves to spilled cash.

ByABC News
April 10, 2015, 10:33 PM

— -- Police in Texas said they want to "remind" drivers who found cash blowing on the side of an interstate on Friday that their discovery could land them behind bars.

A Brinks Armored Truck was traveling west along Interstate 20 Friday afternoon towards Abilene, Texas, when the truck’s passenger door opened and a “substantial” amount of cash fell out of the truck, according to a statement from the Weatherford Police Department.

The money was dropped over a seven-mile stretch of highway, police said.

Officers dispatched to the area around 3 p.m. on Friday found small amounts of money, along with a few individuals who picked up some of the loose cash off the road. Authorities believe most of the money that was lost by the truck has been picked up by drivers traveling along the highway.

Video posted to Facebook shows several vehicles pulling over to the shoulder of the road, with people walking to their vehicles with handfuls of cash.

Police asked on Friday that anyone who picked up some of the money off the roadway to return to them or Brinks.

“Weatherford Police would like to remind everyone that the loose money is property of Brinks Armored Car Service,” police said in a statement. “Weatherford Police will investigate and potentially prosecute any individual that has picked up any of the loose money and not returned it to either Brinks or the Police Department.”