How the Army Is Responding to the Female Rangers' Critics

The Army is correcting critics of female Ranger graduates.

— -- The historic announcement this week that two soldiers will be the first females to graduate from the U.S. Army’s elite Ranger school has been overwhelmingly met with support and positivity.

For those expressing doubt or, at worst, sexism over the announcement, the Army seems to have one response: Not on our turf.

When the official U.S. Army Fort Benning Facebook page posted the announcement, hundreds of the more than quarter-million followers of the page flocked to post their support.

One employee of the base, however, has been tasked with responding to Internet trolls and anyone else expressing doubt over the legitimacy of the female Rangers’ accomplishments.

Multiple screenshots of the Facebook page show some of the responses. The employee, who the base has chosen not to identify, then posted a longer statement after many of the commenters appeared to go back and delete their own comments.