Baggage Handler Made 911 Call After He Was Stuck in Cargo Hold

Incident happened when the handler fell asleep before the plane took off.

— -- The baggage handler who allegedly fell asleep inside the cargo hold and woke up only after the plane was in the air apparently called 911 begging for the dispatcher to stop the plane.

A recording of the call has now been released and the handler, whose name has not been made public, can be heard making a desperate plea for help.

"Hello, I'm trapped in this plane!" the man says to the 911 operator on Monday.

"I'm inside a plane I feel like its moving in the air," he added.

The operator asks for clarification, checking if he is in distress in the airport -- but he reiterates that he is physically inside the airplane.

"Can you please, can somebody stop it?" he is heard saying.

The emergency services call was not actually the key to getting him rescued but it was passengers on board who notified the crew after they heard banging and screams coming from beneath them.

The flight, which departed out of Seattle and was headed to Los Angeles, turned around and spent only 14 minutes in the air.