No Bail in Deadly Movie Theater Shooting

Video and audio from the deadly altercation was show in court.

January 07, 2014, 12:42 AM

Feb. 7, 2014 — -- A judge refused bond today for Curtis Reeves, the retired police captain charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of a father in a Florida movie theater, after grainy surveillance footage of the altercation was shown in court.

It was the second day of a bond hearing for Reeves, 71, accused of shooting Chad Oulson after an argument over texting in the dark theater.

Chad Oulson, 43, and his wife, Nicole Oulson, were watching the previews before the movie "Lone Survivor" at a Wesley Chapel, Fla., theater when, according to authorities, Reeves became annoyed with Chad Oulson using his cellphone.

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Reeves, who was with his wife, went to tell the movie theater managers and when he returned, the argument escalated, according to police.

The video shown in court today was grainy and hard to make out. The infrared camera showed Reeves leaning over his seat repeatedly, telling Oulson to turn his cellphone off. Nicole Oulson said her husband was texting the babysitter watching their young daughter.

The video appears to show Oulson throw a container of popcorn at Reeves as well as Reeves sitting down and not moving after the shooting.

The defense argued that the apparent flashes seen, however, were from Chad Oulson's cell phone and not the gunshots.

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After the popcorn was thrown, Reeves pulled out a .380 semi-automatic handgun and shot him. Nicole Oulson was wounded in the hand when she put it up to protect her husband, according to the sheriff's office. Chad Oulson, 43, died that night.

In audiotapes played by prosecutors today, Reeves told detectives that Oulson had verbally threatened him, physically leaned over him and knocked his glasses sideways.

"I was scared. I thought the guy was fixing to beat the s*** out of me. I was defending myself," Reeves said. "This guy scared me."

Reeves said he regretted the shooting immediately.

"As soon as I pulled the trigger, I said, 'Oh, this is stupid,'" he said in the tape. "There's no justification for what happened in there. If I had to do it over again, it would have never happened. We would have moved."

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Nicole Oulson was also heard during another conversation, saying that Reeves "kept saying stuff to my husband. Immediately it didn't even register to me, I just saw a spark and saw him go down."

During an interview with detectives in the hospital emergency room, she told her side of what happened in the theater.

In the recording played in court, she said she was trying to diffuse the argument and had her hand on Chad Oulson's chest when he was shot.

"My husband turned around and said, 'So what's your problem?' I turned around and put my hands on his chest," she said in the recording. "I heard the shot."

Reeves was arrested at the theater and charged. He is claiming self-defense.

His lawyers previously said they planned to invoke Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law, added to that, under Florida law there are harsher penalties for those who attack people older than 65.

During a news conference at her attorney's office Jan. 22, Nicole Oulson said that "in the blink of an eye, my whole world just got shattered into a million pieces and now I'm left trying to pick them all up and putting them back together."

After the judge made his ruling today, Nicole Oulson looked up and appeared to mouth the words "Oh, thank you."

A pretrial was scheduled for March 12.

ABC News' Ryan Smith and Tom Giusto contributed to this story.

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