Bison Selfie Turned Into Mississippi Woman's 'Most Frightening Experience'

Brandi Burgess has new respect for wildlife.

— -- Brandi Burgess has new respect for wildlife.

“It was the most frightening experience I have been through in my life to date,” she told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

Burgess was rushed to a clinic after the attack, which left her with minor injuries.

Visitors at Yellowstone National Park are told to stay at least 25 yards from bison, spokeswoman Julena Campbell said.

“Sometimes people confuse it with being in a theme park, being in an area where you’re driving through,” Campbell said.

“We have a little saying here: ‘Give them room, use your zoom.’”

After her encounter with the bison, Burgess said she will think twice about animal photo opportunities.

“I thought I had a healthy respect for wildlife, but maybe not as healthy as I should have had,” Burgess said. “But I am very grateful and blessed to have walked away.”