Wintry Blast in East Sparks More Than 2,000 Accidents, Killing 4

Four people have died in weather-related accidents.

ByABC News
February 15, 2016, 6:28 PM

— -- A wintry mix of snow, ice and heavy rain battering the East Coast has proven to be not just messy but downright dangerous and even deadly.

There were 17 states under winter weather alerts today as the 1,200-mile-long winter storm stretched from Georgia to Maine. For many locations, the snow was expected to turn to ice and then rain as temperatures continued to rise.

Police in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia asked drivers to stay off the slick roads.

Across North Carolina, snow and ice were to blame for more than 1,500 car accidents in less than 24 hours. In Virginia, there were 500 vehicle accidents reported and one weather-related crash that killed a 63-year-old man when his sport utility vehicle collided with a snowplow, Virginia State Police said.

Cars were photographed sliding off the roads in Peoria, Illinois, and a semi truck jack-knifed outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Today's storm moved in after 24 hours of bone-chilling cold this weekend that broke records and led to massive pileups.

In Boston, Massachusetts, cold temperatures shattered train tracks this weekend, disrupting train service. Boston recorded temperatures of minus 9 degrees Sunday with the wind chill making it feel like minus 36. The temperature broke a nearly 60-year record. New York City also experienced low temperatures, hitting minus 1 Sunday with wind chill making it feel like minus 19.

Three were killed in a crash in Pennsylvania Saturday on Interstate 78 that involved 64 vehicles. Dozens were sent to the hospital. In Indiana, nearly 50 vehicles were involved in a crash on Interstate 65.

Farther south, there were six reports of tornadoes touching down across the Gulf. In Mississippi, trees crashed onto houses and debris littered one high school campus. In Louisiana, winds ripped apart a car wash and pizza restaurant.

"I [saw] it like coming at me," Miranda Supple told ABC affiliate WAOW. "Woo, it’s scary!"