Bob Bashara Admits Hiring Hit Man for Wife's Killer

Jane Bashara was strangled by a man who said he was hired by Bob Bashara.

ByABC News
October 11, 2012, 2:35 PM

Oct. 11, 2012— -- Bob Bashara admitted today to trying to kill the alleged hit-man in his wife's murder, a man who has said that he was hired by Bob to kill Jane Bashara.

Bashara, 54, has been the center of focus in the murder case of his wife Jane, who was found strangled to death in her SUV in Detroit in January.

A handyman who worked for Bashara, Joe Gentz, confessed to the killing shortly after Jane Bashara's body was found. During his confession, he told police Bob Bashara had offered him money and "forced" him to kill Jane.

Bob Bashara, of Grosse Point, Mich., has denied any involvement in his wife's murder and has never been charged in connection with it. His two teenaged children and his mother have spoken publicly in support of him.

Today, however, Bob Bashara admitted that he did try to hire a hit man to kill Gentz.

Bashara pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder charges at a pre-trial hearing at Wayne County Circuit Court.

Bashara's sentencing is scheduled for November 20.