Bonnie and Clyde Style Romance as Man Proposes After Their Arrest - She Said Yes

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First came police sirens, then came wedding bells for Sean Foxx who proposed to his girlfriend Treila Woods in the San Antonio police station following their arrest.

The happy moment came Monday after store managers at a Family Dollar store tried to stop Woods, who they claim was shoplifting, as she attempted to leave the store through a broken door, according to ABC News affiliate KSAT.

Police said that when Foxx saw what was happening from his car parked outside of the store, he went to his girlfriend's aid, threatened the store manager and tried to help her escape.

"He sees that she's in trouble so he goes on in the store and tries to help her escape, goes on in through one of the open doors next to the one that was locked, tells her come on out this way," Sgt. Daniel Alonzo of the San Antonio Police Department's Robbery Task Force said.

San Antonio police told ABC News that

Foxx, 27, yelled his proposal to Woods while the two were being questioned separately at the station. Woods, 24, said yes, according to KSAT.

They were charged with aggravated robbery. Foxx insisted he did nothing wrong.

"I ain't robbed nobody. They tried to hurt my girl," he said to reporters as he was taken to the police car and to jail.