Boston Bus Driver Pulls Over to Buy Lemonade for His Passengers

The whole thing was caught on video.

— -- A Boston bus driver’s 90-second pit stop put a smile on a lot of people’s faces.

John Lohan — a bus driver for nearly 20 years — stopped at a neighborhood lemonade stand in West Roxbury, a neighborhood in southwest Boston, and treated his seven passengers to a cold cup of lemonade.

“A whole bunch of factors fell into place. My only thinking was that it’d be a thrill for the children where they’d have a great story to tell for the rest of their lives,” Lohan told ABC News today.

Lohan checked with his riders on the 35 bus Thursday afternoon — which was a few minutes ahead of schedule — and said they could forgo the stand if anyone was in a rush or needed to make a connection.

“All of them went along with it so well and they were such great sports. I honestly estimated it’d take between 60 and 90 seconds to pour the seven cups and start rolling again and that’s exactly how it worked out,” he said.

Lohan — shown in a video captured by the bus’ surveillance cameras — distributed the lemonade to each of his passengers.

“Our faces like dropped, it was awesome,” Erin Starkey, one of the four young girls at the stand, told CBS affiliate WBZ. “The lemonade only costs 50 cents and he bought seven of them and he gave us 10 bucks, so he’s awesome.”

Lohan hoped to make the young girl’s day better, but didn’t expect to brighten his passengers' days as well.

“Each of them was grinning from ear to ear,” he said. “They all said thank you and a variation of ‘you made my day’ when they got off at each of their stops.”