Boston Marathon Bombing Trial: Lawyers Argue Over Tsarnaev’s Blood-Stained Hiding Place

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly wrote anti-American screed in boat before surrender.

"The evidence here is the boat. It’s movable and it’s very powerful. The jury should be able to see it. It’s really quite striking," argued Tsaraev’s defense attorney William Fick in court today. "The jury should be allowed to see that in its entirety."

Among the scrawlings Tsarnaev's attorneys now acknowledged he wrote on the boat is “We Muslims are one body. You kill one of us, you hurt us all.”

"The government is killing our innocent civilians but most of you already know that,” another portion of the blood-streaked message says. Parts of the note can be seen in an image from the boat obtained by ABC News.

Prosecutors objected to the defense’s argument, telling the court that the boat itself is “very large” and full of “dried blood, broken glass, all kinds of debris.”

"What the defense really wants the jury to see is the boat riddled with bullets," argued assistant US Attorney William Weinreb.

Defense attorneys want jurors to have access to the entire Slip Away II, which was dry-docked in the Watertown backyard of its owner and covered with a tarp.

Prosecutors said photos of the bloody note should be sufficient, but they may be willing to extract panels of the boat, rather than let jurors access the entire boat.

Both sides also sparred over autopsy photos of the victims. Defense attorneys said that the pictures would traumatize victims' families all over again. “They are horrific. They are disturbing,’’ defense attorney Miriam Conrad told the court.

Prosecutors told the court the pictures of the dead were an essential part of the government's case and "chosen carefully."

O'Toole did not rule on any of the motions today. Opening statements in Tsarnaev’s murder trial are expected Wednesday morning.

Tsarnaev was in court for today’s hearing, wearing dress shoes, a black blazer and sporting a recent haircut with a neatly trimmed beard on his chin.