Boston Police Unveil Sweet New Ice Cream Truck in Their Fleet

Their community initiative, “Operation Hoodsie Cup,” has a new set of wheels.

— -- Don’t be surprised if you are in Boston and the sound of a police siren is replaced with the familiar jingle of an ice cream truck.

The Boston Police Department has added everyone’s childhood favorite -- a brand new ice cream truck -- to its fleet.

“We had a truck before, but it was just on its last legs so this a fully refurbished truck,” department spokeswoman Myeshia Henderson told ABC News.

The community initiative, “Operation Hoodsie Cup,” has already handed out 120,000 free ice cream cups since 2010, and now it has shiny new wheels to keep spreading the joy.

The truck, which was purchased by the Boston Police Foundation for $89,000, arrived this week. The local Hood Dairy Co. has even agreed to donate all the ice cream indefinitely.

With officers handing out the goodies, what a sweet way for the police to connect with the city’s community.

“The BPD is basically grounded on community policing,” Henderson said. “The ice cream trucks helps with our relationship with the citizens. That’s how they [kids] view the police. As friends and members of the community.”