Boy, 12, killed in boating accident off Long Island, NY

He was hit by the boat's propeller, officials said.

July 18, 2017, 6:44 PM

— -- A 12-year-old boy was killed in a boating accident in New York after he was struck by the boat's propeller, according to authorities.

Around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, the U.S. Coast Guard received a call stating that a child had fallen into the water near the Centerport Yacht Club on Long Island, a Coast Guard spokesperson told ABC News. A harbor master on site attempted to give the child CPR, the spokesperson said.

The boy was one of three students who were participating in sailing lessons, said Suffolk County Police Assistant Commissioner Justin Meyers. The boat was intentionally capsized as part of the lesson, Meyers said. Two of the students were able to remain in the boat during the exercise, he added.

The instructor, who was in a inflatable Zodiac boat, pulled the boat out of the water and into his boat, Meyers said. The boy then fell out of the Zodiac boat and was struck by its propeller, Meyers said.

The instructor then pulled the boy back into the boat and administered CPR until EMS arrived, Meyers said.

The harbor master and Centerport Fire Department were on the scene, the Coast Guard spokesperson said.

The boy was then transported to Huntington Hospital, according to the Coast Guard. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, Meyers said.

The boy's death marks the second time in two days a child was killed by a boat's propeller. On Monday, a 12-year-old girl in New Hampshire was killed after she was run over by a power boat being driven by her father, local police said.

Editor's Note: Initially, Suffolk County Police erroneously said the boy was 10 years old. His age has been corrected. He is 12 years old.

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