Brett Favre Sex Scandal: Quarterback Dodged Questions After Vikings Loss

Former Jets host accused married quarterback of sending nude pictures.

ByABC News
October 12, 2010, 7:21 AM

Oct. 12, 2010— -- Brett Favre may have put in an admirable showing even as the Vikings fell to the Jets Monday night, but it was the quarterback's sex scandal that dominated headlines after the game.

"If you want to talk about what happened in the football game tonight, I'd love to," Favre said when asked whether the allegations against him were true.

The married quarterback notched his 501st touchdown pass during the game but then faced a throng of reporters asking questions about whether he'd sent nude pictures of himself to a former New York Jets game-day host and propositioned a masseuse.

When asked what he told his teammates before the game, Favre snapped, "That's between me and my teammates."

Favre's alleged indiscretions surfaced last week after sports blog Deadspin posted voicemails and pictures Favre allegedly sent in 2008 to former Jets game-day host and Playboy model Jennifer Sterger. Favre played for the Jets that year.

"Wanted to have you come over tonight -- love to see you tonight," one recording said.

And another voicemail:

"I'm still trying just got done with practice. I'll try the other phone you're probably caller ID'ing me but if you can make it it would be great."

The NFL is investigating the allegations and the Jets have said they are fully cooperating with the league.

"The NFL is taking it very seriously, they're being aggressive," ESPN's Chris Mortensen said. "They want to conclude this as swiftly as possible because they don't want it lingering."

It's also in the Jets best interest to resolve the accusations, ABC News sports contributor Christine Brennan told "Good Morning America" today, especially considering the team recently faced another allegation of workplace harassment when Mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz said she was cat-called and taunted in the locker room.

"You wonder if this is a team that is playing a little fast and loose," Brennan said.

Forty-four percent of the NFL's fans are women. "This is a league that cares very much about what women think," Brennan said.