How Caitlyn Jenner's Transition Helped Those Going Through the Same Process

One woman came out at the same time that Jenner was coming out publicly.

“For me, having the Bruce-Caitlyn story in the media at the same time that I was gathering up the strength to make my big change -- it made it easier to me because I felt like I was coming out to a more understanding public,” Daniella Madigan told ABC News today.

“Anything I could get to escape myself and the pain I was in,” she said, “and that’s really what it boiled down to -- not being myself and denying my true self was killing me."

“Something had to give. It was either me living or me dying and it got me to the point that I went to this rehab and we started to dig into my psychology and [the counselor] asked, 'What are you holding back?’ and the only thing I could think of was that I had this huge thing that I really thought I was a woman,” Madigan said. “Once I cracked that egg open, within the next day I never wanted to use again.”

She spent the next year and a half preparing herself to come out publicly as a woman to her friends and family, but also “getting to be more comfortable as a woman” behind closed doors by taking steps like moving the women’s clothes she had collected out from storage boxes and into her closet.

When it came time to tell her family, including her parents and her son, speculation about Jenner’s gender had reached a tipping point.

“How many chuckles did I get when I was walking past the magazines in the grocery store being like ‘Hey, I’m right there with you,’” she said.

Madigan is far from the only member of the transgender community that felt Jenner's public announcement was a confidence booster.

Aiden Munar, a 24-year-old student in Ohio who was born a woman but now lives as a man, has already been on prescription hormones for two years but he said he still felt emboldened by Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover.

"Her coming out and transitioning ... it made me more confident about myself," Munar told ABC News.

Munar came out to friends and relatives in 2013 and said he has felt largely accepted. He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend since 2011 so his girlfriend initially identified as a lesbian but now considers herself pansexual.

Munar said that he is currently saving up to have surgery, though genital reassignment surgery would have to come at a later date since that costs more and is “still a decision” that he has to make. But for now, the testosterone hormones have helped, he said.

“When I see physical changes, it makes me feel as a whole who I am truly meant to be,” he said.

Even though he experienced some bullying online when he transitioned and has had trouble finding trans friends in Ohio, Munar said that he was pleasantly surprised by the reception that Jenner received online on Monday.

"It is a positive outlook for the trans community because when I scrolled through the positive comments and that just made me confident about myself and it being 2015 and people moving forward it’s just amazing," he said.

Though Madigan has not had any surgery at this point and has no immediate plans to, that was the same week that Madigan came out to her family.

“I feel blessed to be having my journey occur at this certain time in history,” she said.

“When I see Caitlyn, I know that she’s enjoying the same things that I am and she’s realizing all of these little things that make her a woman,” Madigan said.