California Fisherman Catches, Befriends, Releases Giant Lobster

PHOTO: Forrest Galante poses with a nearly 12-pound lobster he caught off the coast of California.Playforrestgalante/YouTube
WATCH Man Has Change of Heart After Catching Nearly 12 Lb Lobster

A fisherman in California recently made a giant find – a nearly 12-pound lobster.

“It’s an unbelievable cockroach,” Forrest Galante said in a video showcasing the crustacean. Galante slapped the lobster to his torso like it was a chest plate, with the lobster’s legs wrapped under his arms.

Galante – who’s appeared on Discovery Channel’s reality show “Naked and Afraid” – even gave the lobster a name: Albert Girther. The urge to cook Albert, which marine biologists believe is 70 years old, was tempting.

“He would probably have pounds and pounds of unbelievably scrumptious meat,” Galante said.

But after showing his family the gigantic lobster, Galante brought Albert to a local marine center, and the lobster was later returned to the Pacific Ocean.