Car Filled With 'Thousands of Bees' Creates a Buzz in Montana

Someone complained the car was "driving all over the road," police said.

The bee-filled car was pulled over after police received a "complaint of a vehicle driving all over the road," a Montana Highway Patrol official wrote on its Facebook page.

"The reporting party stated the inside of the car had bees all over the windows and flying throughout the car," the Montana Highway Patrol added.

The driver told Trooper Lynwood Bateman that the bees were harmless Russian honeybees, police said.

Police then contacted the state apiarist and learned the driver didn't need any permits to transport the bees through the state, so the driver was just issued a citation for careless driving, officials said.

Bateman and his sergeant did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for additional information, such as whether the driver's identity has been disclosed or why the driver was transporting the bees.