Car incinerated when charging fidget spinner caught fire: Authorities

Car destroyed when charging fidget spinner burst into flames, officials said.

July 30, 2018, 8:18 AM

A car caught on fire when a charging fidget spinner burst into flames, according to authorities.

The fidget spinner had a Bluetooth speaker and was charging in the passenger seat of a car in Pennsylvania last week when the fire started, the Colonial Park Fire Co. in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said. No one was injured, and the owner of the vehicle was able to extinguish most of the fire, fire officials said.

The fire company urged consumers who experience similar problems to report them.

“If you’ve experienced a similar incident, please report it through the Consumer Product Safety Commission on the link provided so they can track and possibly recall the toys if needed,” the fire company said in a statement.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises users to be present when products with batteries are charging, and to unplug a fidget spinner immediately once it is fully charged. They add that fidget spinners should be charged with the cable that comes with the device.

“Charging cables are not interchangeable,” said a commission official in a statement last year.