Casey Anthony Hoax: Defense Attorney Denies She Landed at Orlando Airport

PHOTO: Video shows someone running from a plane, hidden under a jacket.PlayABC News
WATCH Casey Anthony Returned to Orlando?

Video that showed a Casey Anthony look-a-like hurrying from a private plane at an Orlando airport was an attempt to play a joke on media outlets that have tried to track down Anthony's whereabouts.

The plane is owned by Todd Macaluso, a former member of Anthony's defense team. The same plane is believed to have whisked Anthony away after her release from jail Sunday and has been sighted in several cities since her release.

Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez told ABC News that the woman at the Orlando Executive Airport today was not Anthony and Macaluso is "fooling around."

Macaluso could not be reached for comment.

After leaving jail Sunday, Anthony was believed to have left the area on Macaluso's private jet. That jet has been tracked to Prescott, Ariz., and to a private airport near San Diego with media speculation that Anthony may be hiding out in those areas.

The Macaluso jet landed back at the Orlando airport today where the three people scrambled from the plane and into a building.

ABC Affiliate WFTV reported that three people were seen running from a plane at the airport. One person was wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans. That outfit was similar to the pink Polo shirt and jeans that Anthony wore when she departed jail with Baez on July 17.

With only a few hundred dollars in donations from strangers to her inmate account and no family support after her defense -- which made her mother look like a liar and painted her father and brother as abusers -- Casey Anthony's whereabouts have been a mystery.

When Anthony left jail on Sunday, her defense team tried to recruit her parents George and Cindy Anthony to act as decoys, according to the parents' lawyer. The parents refused to act as decoys, the lawyer said.

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Anthony, 25, was sentenced to four years for lying to investigators about her 2-year-old daughter Caylee's 2008 disappearance and death, but she had already served three years and was credited for good behavior. Aside the jail time Anthony was fined $4,000.

ABC News' Christina Ng contributed to this report.