Cat Revived After Being Found in Snow and Ice on New York Roadside

Rescue workers look for owner of cat "peeled off" frozen N.Y. state roadside.

— -- Following the discovery of a "zombie cat" that stirred up social media a few weeks ago, a cat that initially appeared to be frozen in snow and ice on the side of a New York road now seems on the way back to health.

"I thought I saw a big ball of dirty snow, but then it moved so I went over to it," Robert James "R.J." Poulter, told ABC News today of his discovery Thursday afternoon in Old Chatham, New York.

"I brushed the snow off," he said, "and I was shocked to see that there was cat, and it was breathing.

"I literally peeled the cat off the road, covering its body with my jacket," Poulter added. "I brought it to my car to warm it up when it suddenly jumped over my shoulder and hopped into the backseat. He's pretty friendly. He didn't bite."