Check Out the 24 Prohibited Items This Guy Allegedly Tried to Get Past TSA

TSA agents stumbled across one particularly brazen traveler.

But on Tuesday night at Baltimore Washington International Airport, TSA agents stumbled across one particularly brazen traveler.

Inside the man’s carry-on bag, agents allegedly unearthed a trove of 24 potential weapons, including: Three rope cutters with straight-edged blades, one hatchet, two smoke grenades, 12 bottle rockets, one folding saw, one fixed-blade knife, one credit card knife, one utility knife and two folding knives.

“An unusual assortment of prohibited items were detected by TSA officers at BWI Airport [Tuesday],” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said in an statement.

The 21-year-old –- who says he was headed to a camping trip –- was detained and interviewed by police and charged for the 14 incinerate devices, TSA said.

He re-packed the knives and hatchets in his checked luggage, TSA said.

This isn’t the first bizarre piece of contraband TSA has confiscated.

Last week, a passenger attempted to pass through security with a knife disguised inside a plastic purple comb.

In the past year, they’ve confiscated several grenades, guns, an assortment of throwing stars, and this terrifying “punching device.”

ABC News' Matt Hosford and Jack Date contributed to this report.