Iraqi Good Guys and Bad Guys 'Tough to Sort Out,' Says CIA Chief

John Brennan reacted to ABC News report on alleged war crimes by Iraqi units

Brennan made the comments Friday in New York when asked about an ABC News report which revealed dozens of videos and photos of what appear to be men in uniforms of Iraqi Security Forces units carrying out or celebrating torture and murder against unarmed civilians, including beheadings.

“When we see it, we do bring it to the attention of authorities and we will not work with entities that are engaged in such activities,” the CIA director said.

Officials said "certain Iraqi units" have already been denied U.S. military assistance -- including weapons, equipment and training -- because of "credible information in the past" of gross human rights violations.

The Iraqi army has promised a full investigation of the photographic evidence ABC News found had been posted on social media sites connected to elite Iraqi Security Forces units and Shiite militias.