College Student's Disappearance Baffles Cops

Police are stumped by Brogan Dulle’s disappearance.

ByABC News
May 23, 2014, 7:54 AM

May 23, 2014— -- Police in Ohio are stumped by the disappearance of a 21-year-old college student.

Brogan Dulle, who attends the University of Cincinnati, vanished Sunday after reportedly leaving his apartment to go look for his cell phone.

Police say he headed out around 3 a.m., leaving his keys, wallet and jacket behind. They believe surveillance video released Thursday shows Dulle retracing his steps, using a flashlight to try and find the phone. Dulle hasn’t been seen since and officials say they have no idea what happened to him.

Cincinnati Police Lt. Col. James Whalen said the department has exhausted every lead in the disappearance.

“We have no evidence of foul play at this point,” Whalen said. “It’s unusual that we don’t get a phone call. Somebody saw something.”

Now, a massive search is underway. Volunteers have spent the last few days passing out fliers, looking in homeless shelters and canvassing the woods, with friends and family leading the way.

More than $13,000 has been raised to help fund search efforts. Online, more than 16,000 have joined the “Help Find Brogan Dulle” Facebook page, posting videos and photos of Dulle in happier times.

Brad Ernst wrote a message for his missing friend.

“Brogan, we just want to talk to you, man. We just hope you’re alright,” Ernst wrote.

Courtney Knowles Hass, Dulle’s cousin, says the family is humbled by the public support.

“Each painful day that passes is eased by the love and support we are seeing in each one of you,” she wrote online.