Man Rescued From Colorado Department Store's Walls

The man was found yelling for help in between the store's walls

— -- Colorado authorities say they are still investigating why a 35-year-old man ended up stuck inside the walls of a Marshall’s department store for days.

Paul Felyk was rescued on Tuesday in Longmont, Colo., after over one dozen first responders used sledgehammers and a circular saw to make a hole large enough for Felyk to crawl through.

Store employees told police they first heard Felyk’s cries for help on Monday but could not locate the source of the noise.

When police arrived, they say they discovered Felyk had entered the building through the roof and fell 20 feet through a vent.

Felyk landed in an approximately 2-feet by 8-feet place between the exterior and interior walls, where he became stuck.

“As far as we know, [he had] no water. No communication. No food,” said Longmont Police Sgt. Matt Cage.

Felyk was taken to a local hospital where he is now in fair condition.

Police are still investigating the incident.