Colorado Shooting Victim Caleb Medley Showing Small Signs of Progress as Wife Gives Birth

Victim's wife gives birth to boy four days after shooting.

July 24, 2012, 6:52 AM

July 24, 2012 — -- Caleb Medley and his wife, Katie Medley, knew for weeks they would be in the hospital today. But they never imagined they would both be patients.

Katie Medley, 21, had been scheduled to induce labor for their first child at Colorado University Hospital in Aurora, Colo.

Caleb is in the same hospital, in critical condition from the gunshot wound to the head he suffered in Friday's movie-theater massacre.

Katie, who survived the shooting uninjured, gave birth today at 7:11 a.m. to Hugo Jackson Medley, and, according to both the hospital and their friend Michael West, the newborn and new mom are doing great.

"He is loud and full of life! Just like his daddy!" West said Tuesday afternoon.

But Caleb, 23, is fighting for his life, his future and his fatherhood to baby Hugo, whom he and his wife named after a character in the hit TV series "Lost."

Caleb's brother Seth, 21, said he is showing small signs of improvement.

"There are indications that he understands us and can tell who we are," Seth said. "His wife talks to him and he shutters. There are obvious signs he understands."

He says the doctors call his small successes -- a thumbs up on command and a clenched fist -- "purposeful movement."

West, 22, a close friend of Caleb and Katie, and a groomsman in their wedding, says that even in critical condition, Caleb has shown signs of being the "class clown" they always knew.

"He is following commands. He actually pinched one of the nurses who was helping to turn him over," West said. "Even in this state, he is still Caleb."

West, who started a donation website for his friend, said his "best bud" was thrilled to become a father and would want nothing more than for everyone to know how to help support his high school sweetheart Katie. West's website, as of Monday evening, had already received more than $35,000 in donations, from more than 1,000 donors.

West is hoping that he can make a difference for what is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills for his closest friend, who, as an aspiring comedian, has no medical insurance.

Comedy -- both Seth and West said -- was always Caleb's passion, pursuit and plan for his career. But even as a man comfortable in the limelight, Caleb was nervous to approach the love of his life back in high school.

"Katie and Caleb were crushing on each other since junior year and he never had the guts to talk to her. He's a standup but when it comes to girls, he gets red," West said.

In the end, Caleb and Katie started dating on a Halloween day; and married exactly three years later.

His comedy dreams remained.

"Caleb wanted to be a standup," said Seth Medley, who looks forward to seeing his brother back on the stage.

Seth recalled a moment when Caleb, early on, managed to crack up his high school graduating class. Caleb walked down the aisle solemn in a cap and gown, Seth recalled, but stripped it off on the stage and stripped down until he was "standing there in a kilt. It was the perfect moment of my high school career," Seth said.

Most of all, everyone in the Medley family is excited about the child this couple, this "perfect connection," as Seth called it, has welcomed to this community devastated by life's loss.

"Caleb wanted to meet baby Hughey," West said. "He is ready to be a father."

Seth Medley said, "I'm looking forward to seeing how Caleb is going to train his little minion to follow in his footsteps," adding, "I'm ready to be an uncle."

Seth and Mike recalled the couples love for the Batman story, both saying the two had been excited for months about the premiere.

"He loved Batman," Seth said, "He really connected with it."

West added, "He had Batman memorabilia on. Katie had a button on. They were ready to go."

The one element of this shooting that the family does not want to discuss, however, is anything having to do with the alleged shooter. Caleb's father attended the hearing Monday, but sought to stay out of the spotlight, saying only that he was representing his son who could not be present.

His son Seth agreed that the alleged perpetrator should receive as little attention as possible.

"I don't want to think about it," Seth said, "I haven't put two thoughts to the psychopath who did this. It is the furthest thing from my mind."

West, Seth, and all the family members are grateful to everyone who has supported their son, brother and dear friend. Anyone who wants to help can do so HERE.

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