Colorado Woman Teresa Middleton Calls 911 While Pleading with Robber

PHOTO: Benjamin Davis Staffell is accused of robbing a Colorado family while a 911 call captured the frightening moments.PlayABC News
WATCH Chilling 911 Call: Mom, Son Hide During Break-In

A 911 call captured the frightening moments a Colorado woman and her son faced as an intruder viciously tried to break down their bedroom door.

Teresa Middleton of Westminster, Colo., and her 17-year-old son hovered in a bedroom closet while the intruder, 23-year-old Benjamin Davis Staffell tore through the family's home.

The ordeal began around 4:07 p.m. on Friday. According to police, Middleton walked into her garage noticing a suspicious man sitting across the street.

"She got nervous when she made eye contact with the unrecognizable man." Westminster Police Investigator Trevor Materasso told ABC News.

Quickly, Middleton hurried back in her garage, locked the door, and grabbed her son.

She immediately dialed 911.

"He's getting in now! ...Hurry! Hurry, he's getting in," Teresa told the dispatcher.

On the other end was Barb Tuholski, a dispatcher for 22 years.

"You could tell she was pretty hysterical. She was able to give me enough information that I could visualize what she was doing." Tuholski told ABC News.

"Ma'am, we've dispatched officers," Tuholski says on the 911 call, "I'm just keeping you on the phone, OK?"

Only seconds later, the terrifying ordeal intensified as the man kicked open the garage entry door.

Middleton and her son raced upstairs and locked themselves in the master bedroom closet.

"He's in the house," Middleton says.

Tuholski asks "Can you lock the door?"

"Yes, but he's going to come through right now," the woman said. "He's coming up right now. I'm going to put down the phone."

Middleton can be heard quietly telling her son to hide, "Get under there."

As the intruder approaches the bedroom, Tuholski tells to woman to keep quiet, "If you can't talk, don't talk."

The woman whispers: "He's coming in my room."

Pleading with the Robber

Finally, Staffell demands they "unlock the door."

What Middleton did next, surprised the dispatcher.

"She was very creative as she started to talk to him, which I thought was a bad idea," Tuholski said. "But, it was a good thing. It got everything in real motion for all of us."

In the 911 call, the woman pleads, "What do you want? Tell me what you want. I'll give you whatever you want,"

"You know what I want," Staffell replies.

"No, I don't. But I'll give it to you. Just tell me what you want," she pleads again.

"Unlock the door!" the intruder demands.

"Do you want money?" Middleton asked.

"Yes," the intruder said.

The woman begins to bargain, "I'll give you money. How much do you want?"

"All of it," the man said.

Vying for more time, Middleton continued to bargain with the intruder, even offering the family television.

After 2 and a half minutes from the time the call was placed, the first officer arrived.

"Get your hands behind your back!" the officer yells on the call.

The officer was able to get Staffell on the ground.

As more officers arrived, Staffell began to resist police, even threatening to bite the officers.

Eventually, his legs were bound together by a ripp restraint to stop his kicking.

The terrifying ordeal ended in less than eight minutes at 4:15 p.m.

"Our policy/goal is to be there in five minutes on every call," Materasso said. "But Teresa called 911 immediately. She gave us information that was crucial."

Dispatcher Barb Tuholski agreed, "(Teresa) was a dream caller. She gave me the location, details. She did very well for someone in that situation."

Materasso also said Barb Tuholski played a key role in the quick response.

"She was giving police officers up to the date information on the way there," he said.

Tuholski said her response was just second nature, "I needed to make sure this woman is safe. All I could do was visualize them scared. You got to protect this person. It's like a gut thing. I'm really glad that she is safe and sound."

Shaken Up But Doing Well

Materasso said Middleton and her family are doing well.

"She's shaken up, but her concern is about her children. She's handling it exceptionally well," he said.

Both officers and dispatchers stress the importance of dialing 911 like Teresa Middleton did.

"Call 911 early and often. We don't know something is going on until you call us," Materasso said.

As for the intruder, Benjamin Staffell was under the influence of several street drugs at the time of his arrest, according to police.

He was taken to a local hospital as precaution.

Staffell has been charged with six felonies and three misdemeanors including burglary, criminal mischief, assault, menacing and theft.

This is not Staffell's first time in trouble with the law. He has past drugs and driving related charges in both Colorado and Michigan.