Con-quak-ulations! Kindergartners host a wedding for their beloved ducks

Pierre and Plumpty were wedding in holy matrimony on Thursday.

ByABC News
February 24, 2017, 1:24 AM

— -- "I now pronounce you husband-duck and wife-duck. Con-quack-ulations!"

And with those ten words, Pierre and Plumpty were wedded in holy matrimony Thursday during a wedding hosted by a kindergarten class in New Hampshire.

The ducks were hatched two years ago at Weston Elementary School in Manchester, and they've visited the school ever since.

This year's kindergarten class hatched the idea of a wedding, so students and teachers channeled their inner wedding planner.

"They wrote the invitations, they wrote to-do lists, they wrote the brainstorming of what was needed," teacher Marguerite Hopey told ABC affiliate WMUR, adding that the children also crafted the vows.

As the kindergartners quacked to the tune of "Here Comes The Bride," Plumpty and Pierre walked down the flower petal-lined aisle.

"Today we are gathered to marry Plumpty and Pierre, who have been in love since they hatched," principal Liz MacDonald, who officiated over the ceremony, said to the bride and groom who were outfitted in a miniature gown and tuxedo. "Do you promise to share a nest, and mealworms and do you promise to keep other warm in good times and in bad times?"

Manchester fire chief Dan Goonan attended the wedding with his two ducklings, Ella and Emmett, who served as flower girl and ring bearer.

"They've been excited for months for this thing," Goonan told WMUR. "They woke up this morning like it was Christmas Day."

And at a reception afterwards, students danced to -- what else? -- "The Chicken Dance."