Confederate Flag Flying on South Carolina Capitol Grounds Provokes Anger After Charleston Shooting

Many believe the flag is insulting to the victims of the Charleston shooting.

Haley's press secretary told ABC News today, "In South Carolina, the governor does not have legal authority to alter the flag. Only the General Assembly can do that."

The offices of South Carolina's General Assembly and South Carolina Lt. Gov. Henry D. McMaster did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for comment.

Many object to the flying of the Confederate flag, which some say recalls the South's support for slavery during the Civil War. Supporters say it's a symbol of southern heritage.

The governor and the state is now under fire on social media, where many are linking the state's acceptance of the Confederate flag to the Charleston shooting, which is being investigated as a federal "hate crime," according to federal authorities.

There were over 36,600 tweets with the word "Confederate flag" over the past day, according to Twitter analytic service, Topsy.