Convicted Killer Jodi Arias Selling Glasses She Wore During Trial

Convicted killer selling something she wore during her murder trial.

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Jodi Arias, the Arizona woman who was convicted of stabbing, shooting and slitting the throat of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, is auctioning the glasses she wore during her 2013 trial.

"Get ready to own a one-of-a-kind piece of history," Arias' website says.

The starting bid for the spectacles begins at $500. The auction will close on September 24. The website says 100 percent of the profits will go to a Phoenix-based non-profit, however it does not name the charity.

It's not the first time Arias has apparently tried to sell an item online from prison.

In January 2013, shortly after her murder trial began, Arias' jailhouse art was listed for sale online. At that time, descriptions listed with the art noted that the profits would go to costs associated with the trial, including paying for Arias’ family to travel from their homes in California to Arizona for the five-month trial.