Ex-Cop Confesses to Killing Wife in 911 Call

Jeff Hawkins faces 15 years to life in prison.

— -- A 57-year-old Ohio man, who confessed in a chilling 911 call that he shot his wife to death, is now behind bars.

When asked if he was still armed, Hawkins said: “[My gun] is on the sink. I’m not a threat to anybody. I’m a former police officer. I’m not sure what happened.”

During the course of the call, Hawkins finally broke down when asked to explain what happened, saying, “I came home, she was here…she just wouldn’t talk to me and she kept saying ‘talk to my lawyer’ and I don’t know it just happened it just happened I never. I never wanted to do anything.”

Hawkins surrendered to police and was booked on one count of murder. Authorities found Jo Ann, 59, shot to death in the home. Hawkins’ bond was set at $3 million.

“We’ve been scared in the past,” the victim’s son, Bo Hart, told ABC News affiliate WCPO. “I had an off-and-on relationship with my mom in the past because of him, and we know what he’s capable of.”

Hawkins has not yet entered a plea, but his attorney asked for “the public to see the facts…before jumping to a conclusion.”

“This is an anomaly on his record,” the attorney said. “He has absolutely nothing whatsoever with any violent conduct. He’s never been in trouble.”

This was not the first 911 call Hawkins made. Two days prior to the shooting, he called asking for a welfare check on his wife. He said he was out of town and received a notice that "a lot" of money was missing from the family account.

If convicted, Hawkins faces 15 years to life in prison.