Detroit Man To Reunite With Corvette Stolen 33 Years Ago

George Talley, 71, was 38 when his Corvette was stolen.

June 25, 2014, 5:25 PM

— -- George Talley was 38 when his Corvette was stolen from a Detroit street. Police recently called Talley, now 71, to tell him they found his car.

The car was found in Mississippi 33 years after it was swiped.

Lt. Brian Richardson at Mississippi Highway Patrol told ABC News they had custody of the vehicle.

“It is in pretty good condition,” Richardson said.

General Motors, which made the car in 1979, offered today to deliver the car to Talley at the company's expense.

"Our VP, Mark Reuss, thought that a car lover should be reunited with his car," a GM spokesperson told ABC News. "After he learned the news, he just felt compelled to reach out to him [George Talley]."

The flashy silver grey car was parked on Detroit's Jefferson Avenue in 1981 the last time Talley saw it.

"I’ve always liked Corvettes. It was attractive. The ladies like them,” Talley told ABC News' affiliate WXYZ.

"I made a police report, and I haven’t seen it since July of 1981,” he said.

The car reappeared in Talley's life last week.

"I was sitting at home last Friday looking at Judge Mathis, and I get a call from AAA telling me you have a Corvette in Mississippi, come and get it. And, uh… I said, ‘what?’” Talley told WXYZ.

Authorities say a dubious vehicle identification number helped track the car three decades later.

"I’ve heard it was running, it had 47,000 miles on it," Talley said.

It's not clear whether he will take up GM's offer to deliver the car to him.

"It's a lucky day. When I get that car here in that driveway, we’ll go from there,” Talley told WXYZ.

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