Couple forced to reschedule wedding because of Harvey prepares meal for evacuees

The couple prepared a large meal to be sent out to the community.

— -- When Hurricane Harvey forced one Houston couple to postpone their big day, the groom and bride-to-be made alternate plans. They decided to give back to the hard-hit community by donating their wedding food.

Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis realized on Monday that it was time to reschedule their wedding day. Skolkin's father Mark was one step ahead of them, making arrangements with the venue and wedding vendors to change their Labor Day weekend ceremony to a mid-December celebration. But the pre-wedding Shabbat dinner for 75 wedding guests was already paid for and waiting to be eaten.

"The power was out, we didn't even have Wi-Fi and we were inspired by our friends who were helping people so we decided that we might as well do something to help everyone rather than just sit there," Tillis told ABC News.

The couple went to Aishel House on Tuesday afternoon, a Jewish volunteer center and non-profit where the dinner would have been held on Friday, and offered to help whip up some meals to send out to those in need.

"We cooked a breaded chicken dinner and prepared stuff for a couple hours with all of the volunteer staff. Then different delivery people were there to get it out," Tillis said.

The couple has rescheduled their wedding for Dec. 15 and are both happy they were able to do something to help others during such a difficult time.