Court Orders Virginia School Board to Let Transgender Teen Use Boys' Bathroom

Gavin Grimm, 16, had filed a lawsuit against the school board's bathroom policy.

— -- A federal district court in Virginia ordered a school board to let a 16-year-old transgender teen use the boys restroom, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Gloucester High School student Gavin Grimm filed a lawsuit against the Gloucester County School Board, alleging that its policy that requires transgender students to either use a restroom that corresponds with their biological gender or a private, single-stall is illegal.

“I am elated to hear that I'll be able to attend my senior year of high school with my full rights restored,” Grimm said. “After nearly two years of humiliation and intense struggle, equality has finally prevailed. Now hopefully other transgender people will not have to face this type of discrimination.”

ABC News could not immediately reach the Gloucester County School Board for comment.

Grimm was born female but identifies as male. He was allowed to use the boys' restroom at Gloucester High School in 2014 for several weeks after informing the school about his transition and receiving permission from the school principal, he said.

After some parents complained, the school board adopted a policy in December of that year requiring students to use either the restroom that corresponds with their biological gender or a private single-stall. The school board voted 6-1 in favor of the new policy, according to the public meeting minutes posted online.

Grimm told ABC News he had been adhering to the school board's policy at school, but called the situation "stressful and humiliating" in a June 2015 interview.

“We are thrilled that Gavin finally has equal access to his school restrooms and will no longer experience the stigmatizing and unfair treatment imposed on him by the Gloucester School Board’s discriminatory restroom policy,” said Gail Deady, The Secular Society women’s rights legal fellow at the ACLU of Virginia.