'Cupcake' the Horse Pulled From Muddy Water in 2-Hour Rescue

The horse fell in a state park in Colorado.

July 29, 2016, 10:06 AM

— -- A horse stuck in mud at a state park in Colorado was rescued Thursday in a two-hour operation that was documented on social media.

The horse, named Cupcake, fell from exhaustion in a muddy area in Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, Colorado.

The owner of Cupcake, whose name was not released, sat by the 13-year-old horse’s side and used her hat to shade the horse as a 15-member rescue crew arrived.

The rescuers hiked to Cupcake’s location, wading through knee-deep water with their rescue tools.

More firefighters later arrived on the scene, as well as a veterinarian who administered intravenous fluids to give Cupcake energy.

“Some horses give up. Cupcake didn't want to give up. You could see it in her eyes, she didn't want to give up," the veterinarian, Dr. Dale Rice, told local ABC station KMGH-TV.

Rescuers held Cupcake’s head above the knee-deep water using their own hands and a piece of plywood.

"We had a horse that was pretty stressed out, pretty scared. Biggest thing was just trying keep it calm and keep its head up," Doug Hammock, of 12 Miles Stables, a boarding stable near the state park, told KMGH-TV.

Video posted on Twitter by the South Metro Fire Rescue shows that rescuers set up a rope pulley system on a nearby tree and used that to pull Cupcake up from the muddy water.

Cupcake emerged from the water with "no apparent injuries," according to South Metro Fire Rescue.

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