Dash Cam Catches Scary Collision Between Train and Semitrailer

VIDEO: The driver in Minnesota escaped with minor injuries after his semitrailer was hit and pulled a quarter-mile down the tracks.PlayYouTube/MnDPS
WATCH Police Dash Cam Captures Train Smashing Into Truck

Newly released dash cam footage from Minnesota State Patrol shows a truck driver escaping significant injury after a frightening collision with an oncoming train.

The scary moment began after the driver was released by a State Patrol trooper following an inspection on St. Louis County Rd 101, according to Lt. Tiffani Nielson of the Minnesota State Patrol.

The 67-year-old truck driver from Iron, Minnesota, can be seen approaching the railroad crossing, failing to notice the flashing lights and blaring train horn.

The train hit the driver side of the truck and dragged it for nearly a mile, Nielson told ABC News.

The trooper is seen pausing briefly and then driving down the tracks to where the truck and locomotive finally came to a stop.

After running from his patrol car to the passenger side of the truck, the trooper can be heard checking on the driver.

The dash cam video catches the driver of the truck initially declining medical treatment.

The driver suffered a laceration to his temple and the train engineer was unhurt, Nielson said.

The truck driver was cited for failing to stop at a railroad crossing.