Dash-Cam Video Shows Alleged Road Rage Accident on Arizona Highway

A driver is seen accelerating and apparently swerving ahead of another car.

The high-speed chase occurred Monday on Loop 101 in Phoenix. Video shows a driver revving his engine and peeling out. The driver is seen opening his door while the car was moving, then accelerating and swerving in front of a fellow driver, allegedly causing a collision.

Both drivers pulled over and called police but, because of their conflicting accounts, police let the drivers go without pressing charges, officials said.

After dash-cam video of the crash emerged, police arrested Kyle Geisler, 36, charging him with aggressive driving and making threats. Geisler was released on bail and has not entered a plea.

“The proof is in the pudding,” Arizona Department of Public Safety Trooper Tim Case said. “Once you see [the video], it’s undeniable.”

Police say they are thankful for the extra eyes on the road, in this case another motorist who recorded the collision between the other two cars.

“When you have proof like this, and it’s undeniable what happened,” Case said, “it makes it a lot easier for us to prosecute.”