Deer Crashes Little Kids' Swimming Class at California Pool

"The kids got a kick out of all the excitement!" a parent said.

— -- A deer crashed a little kids' swimming class at the King Pool in Berkeley, California, Thursday morning after it unexpectedly jumped into the water.

"Our staff were trained in dealing with lots of emergencies -- but never a deer in the pool," said Denise Brown, manager of the city's recreation and youth services.

Several children, ranging from 3 to 6 years of age, were in the pool when Bambi made a splash, according to Brown.

"No one was in danger, but we needed time to get the children out of the pool," Brown told ABC-owned station KGO. Staff "sprung into action [and] leaped in the pool to keep the deer from swimming up to the children."

After getting everyone out, two staff members used a life jacket and floater to help keep the animal afloat as they steered it toward the pool's steps, Brown said.

The "little deer" then "sprung out of the pool and ran into the bushes," she said. No one was injured.

A photo of staff guiding the deer in a life jacket was captured by Jeff Johnston, whose son was part of the interrupted swimming lesson, according to local news outlet, Berkleyside.

"The kids got a kick out of all the excitement!" Johnston told Berkleyside.