Democrats hold talkathon on Senate floor to protest GOP health care bill secrecy

Democrats took the Senate floor Monday to protest closed-door GOP negotiations.

Schumer said the “shameful Trumpcare bill” would provide tax breaks for the country’s most wealthy people and make middle-class citizens pay more for less health care.

McConnell accused Democrats -- who on Monday threatened to use a series of procedural motions to slow down the Senate's work -- of preventing Congress from acting.

“Obamacare continues to collapse,” McConnell said. “Republicans are working to implement better ideas. Democrats are still trying to prevent Congress from acting.”

Schumer said his party’s actions were “merely the first steps we’re prepared to take in order to shine a light on this shameful Trumpcare bill.”

Senate Republicans have been racing to draft the bill since May when the House narrowly passed its version. Both chambers would have to agree on the language in order for the repeal measure to become law.

Democrats, who oppose the bill but lack the necessary votes to block it, have vowed to block GOP procedural requests in an attempt to increase transparency in the drafting process. They have also tried to force the bill into committee and delay a potential vote.

Democrats also noted that before the ACA was passed, the bill’s text had been public for weeks, and it had seen at least 100 Senate deliberations, while the current bill hasn't seen any.

“We need enough time to really fully understand it. It's going to take time,” Johnson told reporters last week. “This is complex. I really don’t want to see us vote before the July 4th break. I think it'd be too soon.”

ABC News' Chad Murray contributed to this report.