Devon Still: Daughter Leah Has 'Serious Complication' in Cancer Fight

"I need some prayers sent up for Leah tonight!" Still said via Instagram.

ByABC News
May 29, 2015, 9:00 PM

— -- Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still is seeking prayers tonight for his young daughter, Leah, after reporting a setback in her fight against cancer.

He wasn't specific about the exact nature of the complication, but he offered some details via Instagram.

"We hit a pretty serious complication from the stem cell transplant called VOD," Still wrote on his Instagram account. "They caught it early so hopefully it gives the doctors a better chance of stopping it from getting aggressive. As you can imagine our minds are all over the place but we're going to try and remain positive!"

Still received the devastating news last year that his daughter Leah was fighting for her life.

At age 4, Leah had been diagnosed with a stage 4 neuroblastoma, ESPN reported. The cancer develops from immature nerve cells and most commonly affects children younger than 5, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The Cincinnati Bengals football team had cut Still, a defensive tackle, but brought him back to the practice squad so he could help take care of Leah and still have health insurance that would cover his daughter.

Ever since Leah’s diagnosis, Still has been documenting his daughter’s difficult treatment and major milestones.

"Everyday I whisper in my daughter's ear to stay strong," he wrote recently on Instagram. "No matter how hard this treatment starts to get, you have to stay strong and not let it get the best of you. And everyday her actions show me that she's listening. She shouldn't have this much energy to do this kind of stuff but she's a fighter and she is determined to remain her goofy self through it all."

Before lengthy surgery to remove the tumor, a video of Still’s giving Leah a pep talk went viral.

He also snapped photos of Leah as she recovered from her surgery and chemotherapy treatments.

The team also gave back by donating all proceeds from Still’s jersey to pediatric cancer research. The jersey was quickly the top-selling jersey in Bengals history and the team ended up donating over $1 million to cancer research.

After undergoing months of treatment, Leah was finally able to see her father play for the Bengals again in November. Wearing a protective mask to help stop infection, Leah joined Bengals team officials as they gave a $1 million check to the Cincinnati Children’s hospital. The girl did not stay on the field for long and had to be taken of the field by her grandmother.

The girl did get a special picture with the Bengals' cheerleaders.