Diamonds and Gold: Bernie Madoff Jewelry Goes Up for Auction

U.S. Marshals to put up six pieces of jewelry once belonging to Madoff family.

The pieces, available at an online auction hosted from Texas, include a bracelet studded with more than 650 diamonds starting at over $21,000, an emerald necklace starting at $15,300, a leaf brooch with nearly 100 diamonds starting at $11,050, two sleek, gold watches each starting at more than $21,000 and a gold money clip in the shape of a paperclip starting at $380, according to the auction website.

Though Madoff was arrested more than seven years ago, officials are still attempting to track down the money he stole in his decades-long Ponzi scheme -- including recouping some losses from major auctions. Previously, Madoff's houses and yachts were sold or auctioned off for tens of millions.

Check out the pieces of jewelry said to be up for auction below and click HERE for more information on the event. Get caught up with the incredible Madoff Ponzi scheme by looking at ABC News' full coverage HERE and then tune in Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET for an hour-long ABC News prime time special "Madoff: After the Fall".