Dog Seen Chasing After Pickup Truck That 'Abandoned' It Gets New, Loving Home

A 65-year-old musician says he's the new "proud papa" of Butterbean.

— -- Butterbean first stole the hearts of the Internet after a photo of her went viral. The photo showed the German Shepard mix chasing after a pickup truck whose drivers abandoned her at a gas station in Slidell, Louisiana.

"Butterbean no longer feels compelled to chase after his new owner, since she shares rides together with him," Dorson said.

Guy Lawrence-Edenheimer, a 65-year-old musician in retirement from Antioch, Illinois, is now the "proud papa" of Butterbean.

Dorson explained that dozens of applications to adopt Butterbean poured in from all over the country these past few months, but "no one expressed more enthusiasm to be Butterbean's new caretaker" than Lawrence-Edenheimer.

The musician told ABC News today that his dog Rocky passed away March 17 last year, and he found out about Butterbean, who resembled Rocky, on the same day this year while watching ABC News' World News Tonight With David Muir.

"The timing was just too perfect," he said. "It was like it was meant to be."

Lawrence-Edenheimer drove from Illinois to Mississippi on May 18 to pick up Butterbean, who had been receiving medical care at a local animal shelter. The two immediately bonded, he said.

"She's an absolute sweetheart," Lawrence-Edenheimer said. "After the first night I got her, she jumped onto the bed, licked my face and bounced my elbows up with her nose."

He added that Butterbean constantly follows him around at home and joins him on car rides when he goes out for shopping errands.

"I treat her as though she were my child," he said. "It's expensive getting her healthy, especially because she's still dealing with heartworm, but how can you put a dollar amount of love? You just can't do it."