Dogs Pranked by Guys in Squeaky Shoes

VIDEO: Pranksters Prank
WATCH Pranksters Prank Dogs

Dogs love squeaky toys, right? So the pranksters at JStuStudios, a YouTube channel, decided to put on some squeaky shoes and hit the dog park to see what would happen.

Their video, posted to YouTube on Wednesday, shows dogs at a park in Huntington Beach, California, chasing after Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites the moment they hear their squeaking shoes.

The dogs’ owners seem amused or bemused by their dogs’ behavior.

The video had been viewed more than 87,000 times as of Thursday night.

Scites and Stuart run the YouTube channel, and this isn’t their first prank featuring the noisy footwear.

“The idea came about when I was coming home from school and I saw this mom and her little son walking outside and the little kid has these squeaky shoes on and it was hilarious to me …,” Stuart told ABC News on Thursday evening.

They’ve also pulled squeaking shoe pranks in a store and a library, and decided to take the idea even farther.

“When you look at prank videos on YouTube everyone’s pranking, obviously, humans, so we thought … what would it be like if we pranked animals instead?” Stuart said.

Stuart and Scites hail from Colorado Springs. Although their dream is to be actors, they currently run their YouTube channel full-time. Other pranks featured on their channel show them eating noisily in a library and pulling babies from people's hair.

“It’s crazy,” Stuart, 21, said. “Because when I first started YouTube I didn’t even think – I didn’t even know you could make money doing it and it just grew into what it is now.”

Stuart said he and Scites, 23, enjoy making goofy, family friendly videos that make people laugh, and they’ve enjoyed the reaction to their most recent video.

“Oh we love it,” he said. “It’s cool to see how everybody enjoys our type of humor.”

For this video, they partnered with Jack Vale, another popular YouTube prankster.