Dogs of War Get Heroes' Salute at New York Veterans' Day Parade

Hero dogs were honored at New York's Veteran's Day parade.

— -- New York's Veteran's Day parade honored all veterans, even the canine ones.

For the first time in the parade's history, six military dogs marched alongside the soldiers they served with.

The dogs are trained to sniff out roadside bombs and other explosive devices.

After returning to the United States, the dogs are reunited with the service members they had worked with in the military.

The transition can be difficult for some dogs, who can become skittish in loud or crowded environments, Corporal Nick Caceres told ABC News. Caceres walked with his dog, Fieldy. Fieldy served in Afghanistan with Caceres three years ago.

Lois Pope, the founder and chair of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, funded the dogs' float at the parade.

"There are heroes on both sides of the leash," Pope told ABC News. "These dogs have saved our boys lives."

Also at the parade were service dogs who help veterans ease back into post-war life.

Tommy, pictured below, was going to be put-down at a kill shelter before he was rescued by the organization, Paws of War.

Tommy and other rescue dogs have been trained to become service dogs for veterans, Lauren Driscoll, a Paws of War trainer.

The dogs are matched to veterans based on their personalities, Driscoll said.