Dramatic Helicopter Footage Shows Colorado Carjacking Scene

Motorists rushed to help police subdue the armed suspect.

July 24, 2014, 9:46 AM

— -- An apparent carjacking was caught on camera in Colorado, with motorists rushing to help police subdue an armed suspect.

The dramatic helicopter footage appeared to show a man terrorizing Interstate 70 in Jefferson County, Colorado, Wednesday.

Police said the man, along with an alleged female accomplice, carjacked two different people, including Bush Sutter’s co-worker.

“Next thing you know, the guy pulled out a machine gun and started shooting at him, so he dove in the bushes,” Sutter said.

After crashing both stolen vehicles, the two apparently headed off on foot to the embankment, according to Jefferson County sheriff spokeswoman Jacki Kelley. The woman was arrested, but the man tried to make a getaway in a dump truck.

That didn’t work, so he walked to a house -- and blasted through the closed garage door in the homeowner’s SUV, driving until the vehicle got stuck near the interstate, with fears that he would hijack another vehicle, officials said, describing a scene captured on video.

The man can be seen on video moving toward the highway, pointing his gun at passing cars.

A deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department buzzed past on his motorcycle with his weapon drawn, causing the man to drop his weapons and raise his hands as he backed along the highway.

The deputy chased the man, grabbing his shirt and tackling him, as can be seen on video. Two other good Samaritans emerged, helping to hold the suspect down, the end of a dramatic scene that somehow was resolved without any injuries.

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