Drowning Child's Rescue Caught on Police Body Camera

The 2-year-old boy had fallen into a backyard pool.

— -- Ismael Quintana pumps on the boy’s chest, trying frantically to restore the child’s heartbeat. The 2-year-old’s aunt Cynthia O’Connor kneels beside him, breathing air into his mouth.

The boy had climbed into a backyard pool June 17 and was found underwater, Cleveland police said. So Officer Quintana performed chest compressions, pushing down, again and again, an incident captured on the officer’s body camera in video released Wednesday.

The body cameras are being used by the city’s police as part of a pilot program, a way to document crime scenes and interactions with suspects.

But sometimes rescue efforts are captured, too. In the case of the boy, the water eventually rushed out of his mouth and nose and he began breathing again, shallow breaths, before being rushed away for further care.