Elizabeth Edwards: In Her Own Words

Estranged wife of John Edwards took high road through tough challenges.

December 07, 2010, 6:23 PM

Dec. 7, 2010— -- Elizabeth Edwards, who died of breast cancer today at age 61, faced some of life's most brutal challenges with determination and grace.

From the death of her eldest son to the high-profile breakup of her marriage and the breast cancer she just couldn't beat, Edwards often spoke of honesty and living the best life possible.

Below are quotes that showcase her resiliency.

"But we also said, at the same time, you know, everybody who's sitting at this table who's not going to die, raise your hand. And they realized that we're all going to die. But we are also extraordinarily honest with them because there will come a day when they're going to have to accept that cancer has, at some point, taken me."

Elizabeth Edwards, in her Own Words

"In some ways it's nice for me to have cancer because when the kids, when I'm feeling like that, the kids will come in here and just assume that I'm just feeling bad because of the chemo even though that's not quite the reason I'm feeling bad."

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